Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cycling is a funny sport. Some days I am ultra-motivated, and other days it's hard to even look at the bike, much less get off the couch. Take a day like the latter and throw in an overcast, slightly chilly and damp mid-May Ohio evening and it could become the perfect recipe for a night off the bike. This is where the joy of riding with friends comes into the mix.

Last night I rode for a couple hours with my good friend Mark doing tempo intervals in the mist. Luckily, my motivation was pretty high to get in a ride regardless of weather, but I got the feeling that his wasn't. It didn't take much to convince him that we'd get in a good ride even if we did get wet. The rain did come, at one point looking like it might get torrential, but it turned out to be nothing more then a fine mist and we both had a great ride. I think a little of my motivation rubbed off on him.

Tonight was the opposite. I was really dragging after work, and all I really wanted to do was crack a beer and watch the Tour of California on Versus. I practically had to force myself to suit up and throw a leg over the bike. I thought about doing a couple hours solo, but decided to meet up with Mitch and the Biowheels crew instead. That turned out to be a great decision, as once the group started riding hard, my legs also began to open up and come around. Good conversation in the quieter moments made for a fantastic ride, and I returned home with seemingly double the energy that I had before I left.

Point being is that cyclists need other cyclists in order to really enjoy the sport to its fullest. Friends make all those miles click by just a little bit easier. Adios.

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