Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ault Park #3

Last nights race was way more aggressive then the series opener, with lots of attacks starting from the first lap.  I was suffering pretty bad throughout...don't think I was recovered properly from the race in KY on Sunday.  Legs were burning and I was having a hard time getting my head into the game.

Huntington split the field on the mid-race (lap 20) double points sprint.  I was tailgating at the back of the group and was caught in the back half of the split. Things stayed this way for the next couple laps.  There were some pretty strong guys (John Gatch, the Spaniard, and a Kenda Pro) who also missed the split, so I wasn't too worried.

Around lap 22 the front group was getting a little closer and I saw The Spaniard moving up the right side.  I followed him and we rode straight across the gap and through the front group, taking about six guys with us.  We kept it rolling because we had established a gap pretty quickly.  Coming in for the sprint on lap 25, I went for it and took John Gatch and Ryan Good with me.  

We opened up a huge gap to the rest of the break during the sprint, and decided to keep things rolling with just the three of us.  A lap later we had 30 seconds and that was that.

The Kenda guy (Ryan Gaam) bridged solo with about 7 laps remaining, making it a break of four.  We were all working well and suffering together and made it to the line about 30 seconds in front of the main group. Ryan Good took 1st, John was 2nd, and I took 3rd.

How's this for a tight finish?

Ready for some recovery and the State Championship Road Race on Sunday at Caeser's Creek. Adios.

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