Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Days Lead to Relaxing Mornings

Linnea and I woke up today to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. Since moving to Ohio last July, one thing I've learned in the past year is that adaptability is the name of the game. Those perfect mornings that I enjoyed nearly every day in Tucson are a little more sporadic in Cincinnati; however, it just leaves extra time to enjoy a French Press of Java while relaxing on the couch and enjoying the first round of the World Cup.

Linnea has been doing well with the adjustment to the rain also, she just wishes that her gym was closer than 30 minutes away.

The Ohio State Road Race Championships are tomorrow morning. It's going to be another long one, 90 miles, and the forecast is calling for a humid 85 degrees with a 50% chance of rain. Panther is one of the sponsoring teams, which should make it a pretty difficult day in the saddle. They are easily the strongest team in Ohio (probably one of the stronger elite amateur teams in the country) and I'm sure that they are going to be highly motivated to win. At last count there were 37 heavy hitters registered for the Pro 1,2 race. I'm expecting a tough day in the saddle, and hope that my legs are recovered from the efforts earlier in the week.

Also wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been reading this blog recently. I set the high mark for myself with 23 visitors a couple days back...not quite Facebook status yet, but at least the numbers are up! Adios.

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