Monday, June 28, 2010

Wacky, Wild, Weekend Round-up

A brutally difficult weekend of racing finished up on Sunday at the Tour of Grandview Criterium. To give a clue as to the difficulty of the races, Grandview started with 85 riders and finished with 21, while the Hyde Park Blast on Saturday featured about a sixty percent attrition rate. Let's just say I didn't make the cut.

Start of the Hyde Park Blast

Gotta give props to all the guys that came and made the Cincinnati triple of Madeira, Hyde Park Blast, and Grandview memorable. Painful too! It's a great test for us locals (yeah, I'm finally starting to think of myself as a Cinci guy) to see what we can do when the big show rolls into town. Big props to Eric Knight and Ryan Good for being the only local guys to make it to the end of the Blast Saturday night.

As for me, I suffered like a dog all weekend long. 40 minutes at Madeira on Friday, 30 minutes at the Blast, and about 8 laps at Grandview, which I only went to after a serious pep talk from a friend on Sunday morning. Did get some face time on Sunday, spending about two laps off the front in a solo attempt to bridge to the early break, but luck (and my legs) wasn't with me this weekend.

Following Eric Knight at the Blast

I'm planning on taking this week and the Fourth of July weekend pretty easy in the hopes of recharging my batteries to gear up for the rest of the season and cyclocross. Already looking forward to the fall. Adios.

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